School of Pastors


As our Church has begun experiencing remarkable growth, the leadership of the Apostolic Assembly has identified a need to provide training for potential candidates to fill pastoral positions.

The program we have initiated in order to implement this training is called the SCHOOL OF PASTORS. A combination of hands-on workshops, lectures, case studies, and mentoring sessions will primarily train the applicants to be prepared to begin their pastoral ministry in existing church vacancies or in church plants within an established district or in a National or International Missions field.

Features for School of Pastors

1. Conferences will now be offered in English and Spanish.

2. Conferences for women, with women speakers, are also now available.

3. A new development in our Mentoring Program, where more interaction will be taking place at the School of Pastors. An online development is also in the works for one-on-one sessions. The women will also have women mentors.

4. More importantly, an impartation service will be taking place, where mantles will be placed on the graduates and commissioned.


Class Dates: July 16-20, 2018

School of Pastors Conferences will be held at
Hyatt Regency Long Beach
200 S Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 9080

Registration Fee:
$1,200 includes hotel stay.

*Please do not to make reservations at the hotel, we will be taking care of this through registration. Half  of  the registration must be paid when you submit your application, and the other half by June 1.  This activity is to start at 6 PM on Monday, and end by 12 PM on Friday.

(Remember, please do not make reservation at the hotel…this will done by the office staff once your application and payment are submitted.)

Map and Direction